Janet Loos

Lead Designer

My life in short goes like this: I was born in Argentina to my missionary parents. Spanish was my first language. My favorite subjects were art and calculus. After high school, I did some college and traveled the world with Youth With A Mission for a couple years. I finally came back to Ohio with my mind made up to study visual communications at Ohio University in Athens. I graduated in 2012 with a degree in Multimedia and Interactive design through Scripps College of Communications with a minor in art, I married my husband, Daniel Loos, that same year. I also started Loos Designs in 2013. I now work my schedule around our great dane, my daughter, and one on the way!

I love helping people pursue their passions though business ventures. Loos Designs was created to help those businesses succeed in the way they reach others through visual means.

740 319 7238
Newark, Ohio

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